The Well of Piana Romana


<strong>Padre Pio da Pietrelcina: The well of Piana Romana.
There is still a well next to that which was the wine grove and now is a green pine grove. The Mamma of Padre Pio told the story of what happened when they constructed the small well. Grazio, her husband dug more and more but in spite of the fact that he had arrived at a profound depth of three meters, he didn’t find water, irritated by this fact he began to loose his patience.

Francesco, who was small begged his father not to be angry because the water would not be found in that spot but in another place, that he himself pointed to, according to which Jesus Had told him.

His father responded that he would dig in the spot indicated by Francesco, but woe to him if he didn’t find any water, because he would have placed him in the ditch. After digging about two or three meters water began to gush out and the small one urged his father to continue to dig because there would have been an abundance, which really did happen.

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