The Sacrifice of the Mass | Padre Pio da Pieltrelcina

Padre Pio Pietrelcina

The Holy Mass explained by Padre da Pietrelcina

From the sign of the initial cross to the offertory it is necessary to meet Jesus in Gethsemane, we must follow Jesus in his agony, suffering before this “black tide” of sin. We must join him in the pain of seeing that the Word of the Father, which he had come to bring us, would not be received or received very badly by men. And from this perspective we had to listen to the readings of the Mass as being personally addressed to us.
The Offertory, is the arrest. The Hour has arrived …
The Preface is the song of praise and gratitude that Jesus addresses to the Father that has allowed him to finally reach this “Hour”.
From the beginning of the Eucharistic Prayer to the Consecration we are quickly! with Jesus in prison, in his atrocious flogging, his crowning of thorns and his way of the cross through the streets of Jerusalem, keeping in mind at the “moment” all those who are there and all those for whom we ask especially.
The Consecration gives us the Body given now, the Blood shed now. It is mystically, the crucifixion of the Lord. And that is why Padre Pio da Pietrelcina suffered atrociously at this time of the Mass.
Padre Pio celebrating the Holy Mass We meet immediately with Jesus on the Cross and offer from this moment, to the Father, the Savior Redeemer. It is the meaning of the liturgical prayer that immediately follows the Consecration.
The “For him, with him and in him” corresponds to the cry of Jesus: “Father, to your hands I entrust my spirit”. From that moment, the Sacrifice is consummated and accepted by the Father. Men, from now on, are no longer separated from God and are reunited together. It is the reason why, at this moment, the prayer of all the children is recited: “Our Father …..”
The fraction of Bread marks the death of Jesus …..
The intinción, the moment in which the Father, having broken the Host (symbol of death …) drops a particle of the Body of Christ in the Chalice of the precious Blood, marks the moment of the Resurrection, since the Body and the Blood come together again and it is to the living Christ that we are going to receive in communion.
The blessing of the Priest marks the faithful with the cross, as a distinctive sign and at the same time as a protective shield against the cunning of the Evil One ….
It will be understood that after having heard from Fr. Pio’s mouth such an explanation, knowing well that he lived this painfully, he asked me to follow him on this path … what I do every day … and with what joy!


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