The house in Sant Mary of the Angels way


Padre Pio da Pietrelcina: The house in Sant Mary of the Angels way.

Between 1910 and 1912 when the extreme physical sufferance did not permit him to arrive to the “Small Tower”, Padre Pio transferred to the nearby house of his brother Michele in Via Santa Maria degli Angeli n. 44.A small descent house made of three rooms, where Padre Pio lived up until the 17th of February 1916.

This same house is where Mary Pile, the spiritual daughter of Padre Pio, would stay from 1941 to 1943, during her permanence in Pietrelcina. This dwelling was an important place in the mystical itinerary and in the life of the young Padre Pio. It was testimony to many supernatural happenings to such a point that the monk of Pietrelcina would say: “If those stones could talk…”.

In this house, Padre Pio, already physically weak, faced hard struggles with the devil: spiritual fights, and also physical encounters, during which the monk suffered blows, bore to temptations and sufferings. In a letter to Father Agostino, his confessor, Padre Pio confided: “These “Cossacks” (devils) never stop to strike me and sometimes throw me from the bed, to such a point that sometimes they took off my night shirt and beat me to such a state. By now they hardly frighten me anymore… Jesus is always loving towards me, sometimes even He lifts me from the floor and helps me to lay down on the bed”.

n this tormented period, Padre Pio received comfort and affection from his family; Mamma Peppa would go to visit her son, to bring him clean clothes and linens and to clean the house. Many times she would find him tired and covered with wounds that his fights with the demon provoked. Padre Pio would assure her: “Mother don’t think about it. Don’t worry for me. There is the Madonna! She always helps me and will continue to do so”.


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