The first years of school of Padre Pio


Thw first years of school of Padre Pio

Zi Grazio tells: “I had five or six small sheeps for family use and one day, while the boy was grazing his sheeps, I stopped to look at him and said to myself, just look at this, for a handful of sheeps this son of mine doesn’t go to school, and I asked Francesco “do you want to go to school? If you study and don’t do as your brother did, you will see that your father will allow you to become a monk!”.

Francesco promised to study, so mamma Peppa and zi Grazio decided to send him to school, to a priest who had left the priesthood, and who lived with a woman. Zi Grazio left Pietrelcina, to go to work in America because what he earned in Pietrelcina wasn’t sufficient to maintain his son at a private school. This wasn’t a happy decision to send Francesco to this priest and mamma Peppa had to write to zi Grazio, who agreed to pick a new teacher for Francesco.

Francesco with Angelo Caccavo as his new teacher, gave proof of his strong will and studied with profit, never forgetting to go to mass everyday and with his evening visits to the Blessed Sacrament and to the Madonna della Libera and also following at the same time, religious instructions. Francesco, as a matter of fact, just when the bells rang he was ready with his catechism and followed with diligence the religious instructions and when passing through the small streets the procession of those who were being catechized, he went with them to church for the hour of holy doctrine.

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