San Pio’s Prayer to the Guardian Angel

San Pio's Prayer to the Guardian Angel

Father Pio’s Prayer to the Guardian Angel

Invoke your Guardian Angel, who will enlighten you and take care of you.

Oh my Guardian Angel take care of my body and my soul.
Enlighten my mind so that I can better know the Lord, my God and love him with all my heart.
Watch over me when I’m praying so that I can’t succumb to temptations.
Sustain me with your advice so that I can live as a good Christian and help me do good works generously.
Protect me from the snares of the evil one and support me during the temptations so that I can win the fight against evil.
Always stay close to me and never cease to be my guardian until I am called to the House of the Father, where we will praise Lord together for all eternity.


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