Saint Pio, help me! – Supplication Prayer

Saint Pio, help me! - Supplication Prayer

Help me Move Forward, Padre Pio – Intercession and Supplication Prayer

Dear Saint Pio, help me!
I ask you to help me cast out feelings of hopelessness, sadness, and frustration and help me move forward.

I know you are beside me.

I feel your surrounding comfort, understanding, and unconditional love, wrapping around me, like a blanket, calming my fears and lightening my heart.  

Dear Padre Pio, you are our refuge in good and in bad times.

In your infinite mercy, bring peace and comfort to those of us who face days sometimes filled with pain and depression.

Help us to focus on our blessings rather than our misfortunes. Saint Padre Pio, help me!




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