The prophesy and the Capuchin Convent


Padre Pio of Pietrelcina: The prophesy and the Capuchin Convent.

The story of the construction of the convent is wrapped in a “prophesy”. In one of the usual evening walks, surrounded by seminarians and a young Capuchin monk, the archpriest Don (Father) Salvatore Pannullo, as usual – (this was told by an eyewitness) – “the archpriest listened more to the talks of Forgione, and he would stop suddenly to invite the others to keep silent and to listen to Forgione.

The monk heard a chorus of angels and bells that were ringing in the far distance near a place that wasn’t so far away, and he would indicate where by stretching out his arm in the direction of the sound. We could not hear anything and the silence was broken by our laughter”.

The angels maybe were irritated and their chorus wasn’t heard anymore, but the distant bells still ring and are heard in the valleys and up on the hill. They remember a young Capuchin monk that had heard them many years before that there arose a convent and church for his brother friars in Pietrelcina, just in that countryside that only a few years before had still the name of “gregarie – (a place where the shepherds brought their sheep to graze) and was once an open countryside and meeting place for the shepherds.

The works for the construction began after some of the town people of Pietrelcina asked Mary Pyle to help them construct in their town a convent for the Capuchin Fathers of the province of “Angelo”. Mary consented to help in this request and spoke with her confessor. “Father, can I help construct a convent in Piertelcina?” Padre Pio answered to her: “Yes, and do it right away and dedicate the church to the Holy Family”.


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