Padre Pio of Pietrelcina: The Forgione home in Vico Storto Valle 28


Padre Pio of Pietrelcina: The Forgione home in Vico Storto Valle 28.

In this same alleyway in number 28 you can find another two small rooms rented out by his father Grazio. The first one is very modest, and was used as the family kitchen; here an old hearth remembers the winter evenings, with the burning logs and the figure of mamma Peppa. The second room was in the back of the kitchen and faced the well cultivated countryside and on the winding street which brings you to Piana Romana. This was the bedroom of Francesco and his brothers, and is the room where Padre Pio had his first supernatural experiences. From when he was small, Francesco, thirsty for sufferance and penitence, often slept on the floor, using a stone for a pillow.

The elderly of the town remember him as a well behaved and a diligent pupil at school, assiduous at church and silent and intent in prayer, kind and friendly with all even if he was discreet and pensive. His friend Francesco Orlando who was the same age describes him “with a small hunting jacket, made of wool, with a short cloak and always very clean and we loved him as a child”. Giovanna Iadanza tells of “when he was small, he already gave signs of being a saint: as he grew he was good, beautiful, intelligent and obedient and respected everyone and everyone loved him”. Lucia Iadanza tells us of when he was out in the pasture grazing the sheep how he would make crosses with small pieces of wood and would kneel down to pray, and with the rosary in his hand and would talk to us with kindness and with few words.


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