The home where Padre Pio was born

Casa dove è nato Padre Pio

The home where Padre Pio was born – 27, Vico Storto Valle Pietrelcina

The home where Francesco was born is the paternal home of zi Grazio (his father) which can be found on 27, Vico Storto Valle a one room house, in which one enters by three steps from the outside, upon entering to the right, is a night-table and a double-bed sustained by battens in wrought iron and by iron feet; in front of the four pane window there is a very used washbasin and an antique chest, beyond a square table covered by a faded light carpet, on which are piled books which were used by Padre Pio when he went to school with his teacher Caccavo; in a modest frame is his photograph sent to his mother by a young lady from San Giovanni Rotondo. To the left of the entrance door is another antique chest, this together with two chairs, completes the furnishings of the brick, wood-beam ceiling room. On the wall, at the head of the bed, are four lithographs of the Madonna and two crucifixes.

In the pavement there is a trap-door which brings one into a room below. This was used as a store-room and stable for the donkey. You can also enter this room from an outside door on the side of the house.


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