The Door of the little Madonna to Pietrelcina


The Door of the little Madonna to Petrelcina.

The heart of the historical part of Pietrelcina is the “Castle”, a small district which goes back to the Middle Ages and which you can have access to by crossing through the door or portal way of the ” Madonella” or Little Madonna. On the portal entrance there is a niche in the wall and is made of 30 majolica tiles with sacred scenes.

To the center of the Crowned Madonna, appears a tree and a peasant with two oxen nearby, to the right of the Madonna, there is another picture representing Saint Anthony of Padua, with the Baby Jesus in his arms. To the left, is the Archangel Michael that is crushing the head of a serpent.

Padre Pio passed by there every day when going to school, to church or to Piana Romana, where he had the task of watching over the family herd of sheep. In this angle of Pietrelcina, Padre Pio, as a priest, formed his first prayer group; he always gathered together many people for the devotion to the Blessed Mother and most of all during the month of May in order to recite the Rosary and especially in occasions of the “novenas” that took place before certain feast days.

“I want to have such a strong voice in order to invite all the sinners in all the world to love the Madonna. But because this is not in my power, I prayed and will pray to my Guardian Angel to accomplish this task”.

(Padre Pio to Father Agostino, May 1st, 1912)

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